Washington Policy & Analysis organizes conferences, workshops, seminars, networking luncheons, management briefings and other events on a variety of topics on behalf of clients. A major ongoing event is the Santa Fe Energy Seminar Series Program, which brings together U.S. government officials and representatives of the American and Japanese energy industries.

Topics of recent non-confidential events include:

Energy IT Conferences
Fueling the Future: Natural Gas Technologies for a Cleaner 21st Century, 2000
DG Markets: Distributed Generation Strategies for the Energy Industry, 2000

Santa Fe Energy Seminars

Japan and US: Working Together for the Future
The Energy Future: Strategies and Challenges
Partnership for a New Nuclear Era
Nuclear Energy in a New Era
The Role of Nuclear Energy in a New Environment of Deregulation and Climate Change
A U.S.- Japan Workshop on Nuclear Energy Futures
Nuclear Power in the Post-Kyoto World