Washington Policy & Analysis is an international consulting firm specializing in energy, environment, trade, transportation, technology, and maritime security and intelligence issues. The firm provides strategic business intelligence, analysis, and advisory services to companies, trade associations, and governments worldwide.

Washington Policy & Analysis’ well-established network of relationships with the federal government, Congress, and the public and foreign policy communities provides clients with a special window into the policy-making process. Through a variety of mechanisms, Washington Policy & Analysis monitors, analyzes and reports on critical issues affecting the strategic environment for energy and technology companies.

The firm produces seminars and studies and uses WPA Global Energy, its global modeling system, to examine broad trends in national, regional, and global energy markets.

Washington Policy & Analysis has an accomplished staff of economists, lawyers, policy analysts and international trade specialists offering expertise in areas including domestic and foreign energy and environmental policies; U.S. technology and trade issues; global energy pricing and forecasting; nuclear power; security and intelligence issues; maritime intelligence services and natural gas and international oil markets. Our consultants have been providing clients with business intelligence and market and policy analysis for over a decade.

In addition to Washington Policy & Analysis’ consulting expertise, the firm offers unparalleled access to business conferencing and publishing know-how as a member of the Informa Group, a global company with over 50 offices worldwide, generating sales in more than 180 countries. Informa produces more than 1,500 publishing products and 3,500 conferences. The publishing products are sold to more than 80,000 subscribers and the conferences are attended by more than 150,000 delegates.